As a member of our exclusive customer club CLUB TUSHIE we can promise that you will feel cared for like a princess!

Our unique bonus system allows you as a member to collect points by, for example, recommending Tushie to a friend, sharing your unique discount code on various social channels or simply by making a purchase. It's actually so luxurious that you even get 250 points "Points"just by becoming a member!

You can then use the Points you have collected as cash when you shop at /

Under the tab "My Points"On your member page, you will keep track of all the points you have earned and how you can use them. 

The best part is that the opportunity to earn more Points never disappears! You can recommend Tushie to a friend at any time and earn 250 Points if the friend buys for more than SEK 100 on the website. And of course, it's not just you who cash in if your friend makes a purchase! Of course, he gets a Discount Code of 10% to use for his first purchase.

Members of CLUB TUSHIE also get priority when we release new collections, you get access to exclusive discount promotions only for members and of course we never forget to congratulate you on your birthday;) 

Being a member of CLUB TUSHIE is completely free! It is thus a club we created only because we love our customers and we think you deserve to get "The Royal Treatment".

BECOME A MEMBER BY CLICKING ON THE PINK "CLUB TUSHIE" ICON ON THE WEBSITE. (On a laptop you will find the icon on the right side and on the mobile you will find the icon at the bottom of the page)




We love to surprise our members and we can guarantee that we will constantly add new smart ways for you to earn and use your Points!

Xxx Team Tushie